The Castle at Capitol Reef – Photo Dissection

Another one of the images I really liked from the Capitol Reef National Park trip was this image. in it, we see The Castle standing guard above the Visitor Center at Capitol Reef, with the Castle catches the evening sun. The empty space is filled with a bare tree, and an almost dry river brings our eye gently into the picture.

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The Capitol Reef Barn

Capitol Reef Barn Photo Dissection

The Capitol Reef Barn is a landmark and and icon of the Capitol Reef National Park. Practically everyone- photographer and tourist alike- stop to take it’s picture because the appeal of the image is so strong. And I am no different. When I first got to this area, I had to take the shot too- facing both north and south. But I HATE taking the same image as thousands of others. I want to find my own image, my difference. I want to put my touch on the image.

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