Assisted Living Facility

Project Info

  • Photography Date

    July 2019

  • Category

    Architecture, Commercial, Interior

  • Client

    harmony Hills Assisted Living Facility

  • Location

    Boise Idaho

Harmony Hills is a fast growing Assisted Living Facility company in Utah and Idaho. We have done all their photography work for their facilities in Utah and we were just called in to photograph their newest location in Boise Idaho. We have found that photography for an Assisted Living Facility is a bit challenging, but something we are becoming quite adept at.

When we approach a photography project in an Assisted Living Facility, the first thing we want to do is show the space. We want to show a clean, very nice, bright, happy, warm, inviting, compassionate, sense of community. Most times the facilities are open, so we must work around residents and their schedules. Our number one priority is not to impact the people living there. We want to show all the amenities and options for the residents. We will including dining facilities, recreation areas, indoor and outdoor living spaces, and then anything that makes that particular facility unique. In this case, a special ice cream bar for the residents made this Senior Living Center unique, and we focused on that amenity.

Units within your Assisted Living Facility

We go in depth into the actual units at the property- after all, seeing where someone will actually live is probably one of the most important thing to see for people shopping facilities, and comparing your property to others. This is where you need to stand out. Typically, we will shoot each different class of accommodations so you can show all you have to offer. If you have models, we will shoot them. Otherwise we can stage an empty room for you. We do not recommend showing empty facilities. Let us know your needs, we can make it happen for you!

Though not the focus of this specific shoot, we can also zero in on your friendly and caring staff. If you want lifestyle images of your people interacting in a caring and nurturing way with the residents, we are happy to shoot that.

As with all of our projects, our objective here was to highlight this facilities unique amenities. You need to stand apart to bring in clients, and our photography does that for you. Quality photography shows your seriousness about your role. You just need to call us up and turn us loose- we can handle the whole project for you!