Avenues Apartment Construction

Project Info

  • Photography Date

    June 2020

  • Category

    Aerial, Commercial, Website

  • Client

    db Capital

  • Location

    Salt Lake City (Avenues)

For these images of apartment construction in the Salt Lake Avenues, we needed to document the refurbishment of an existing property. This apartment building had been competely gutted then updated and renovated.

We had to provide images while contruction was going on, so when the proeprty was finisghed, ads would be ready to go.

We worked with the owners and the conmtractor so we could have finished areas within the ongoing work project. A staging company provided the furnishings for the shoot day.

Concerns during Apartment Construction

Our main concern during Apartment Construction is to not interfere with thew ongoing work. We must also get access to a part of the prooperty that is finished, or nearly finished, so none of the apartment construction is shown. Some of this is based on creative camera angles, and some is based on working with the contruction crews- some rooms are always ahead of others, and can make good models.

We can work with you to get stagers to bring in furnishings in a style you want… or shoot empty rooms and stage virtually. In this project, we used actual furnishings.