Designer Kitchen

Project Info

  • Photography Date

    Feb 2020

  • Category

    Architecture, Interior, Portrait

  • Client

    Kirby-Kelly Studio

  • Location

    Foothill Area, Salt Lake City

Kirby-Kelly Studio creates beautiful and simple interiors for modern living. Here they called us for imagery of a Designer Kitchen they just installed. When I get a call from them, I am always excited, because the spaces are always fun.

Here we were most concerned with the kitchen. We wanted to show the space in an artistic way, without invading the design with photo tricks.

Part of our brief in shooting this Designer Kitchen was to shoot a natural light looking image. While this is lit, we stove to keep a natural looking- non-flash- picture. We would normally pull the windows a bit more than in these images. Here the client wanted a blown-out looks, so we let the windows go a bit more hot than we normally would.

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