Furniture Photography

Project Info

  • Photography Date

    September 2020

  • Category

    Commercial, Industrial, Product, Website

  • Client

    USA Premium Leather Furniture

  • Location

    Salt Lake City

Doing furniture photography is some of the biggest product photography we do. Well, outside of buildings and aircraft, I guess. These were shot at the manufacturer’s location. They have a good area for us to shoot, and we bring in backing panels so we can get clean pulls of the furniture.

Goals for the Furniture Photography

the first major objective here is to introduce no distortion. Lines need to be straight, and we don’t want any curves from wide angle lenses. So we set up fairly far back from these pieces to eliminate distortion. True color is also very important, so we chip chart each image to perfectly match each color.

With this job, sinmce the images would not only be used for the client’s website, but also for their customers websites, too, we had to not just shoot on white, but also trim each image over transparent backgrounds for inclusion in other set ups.


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