Gulfstream Jet Photography

Project Info

  • Photography Date

    May 2020

  • Category

    Aerial, Commercial

  • Client

    Duncan Aviation

  • Location

    Provo Airport

This was a wonderful assignment to just go wild on. My client, Duncan Aviation, designed and executed a complicated paint job for their client on this Gulfstream G-550. Both groups wanted Jet Photography to show off the work. The jet was literally a day out of the paint shop, and I had all the resources I needed to realize any picture on the tarmac I wanted to go after.

This corporate jet is a Gulfstream G-550. Over 600 G-550s built by General Dynamics’ Gulfstream Aerospace unit in Savannah, Georgia. Eventually this aircraft saw replacement by the Gulfstream G600 in October of 2019. The G550 remained kept in limited production for long-term special missions applications and government orders.

Goals of the Jet Photography

My instructions were to show off the paint. Specifically the wonderful paint blending on both the tail, and the way the paints blend around the cockpit. I also shot a variety of full views of the jet for a variety of angles to document the plane as a whole, something we do in all our Airplane Photography in Utah

As a favor to the client, I also shot a portrait of the paint lead who pulled off this amazing feat of aircraft painting standing in front of his work. I wanted something strong and striking, and I think the portrait worked quite well showing off the man and his work.

The final part of this assignment was a series of tight shots of the jet aircraft. We wanted abstract, arty sorts of shots that just looked cool, but did not necessarily show off anything specific. The angles and the curves of the jet all made for interesting crops and images.

All tolled in this project, I delivered 60 final images to the client. The Gulfstream Jet Photography was delivered within a week of the original shoot, and clients were very happy with the results.