Pool Construction

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  • Photography Date

    October 2020

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    Aerial, Architecture, Commercial, Website

  • Client

    FORM Pools and Spas

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More and more, outdoor living spaces, high-end landscaping and spa and pool construction are becoming more important to Utahns. And FORM Pools and Spas is positioned as a leader in this area of construction, and they take pride in their work. I was called in to help show off their incredible work, and I could not be happier.

They approach each job with a top-to-bottom methodology. The not only put in top-on-the-line pools and spas, but they landscape, add lighting, work on paths and do so much more to make the outdoor spaces not just usable, but a place you really want to spend time. Their work, in a word, is breathtaking. And that is what I am here to show off.

Pool Construction

Our goal here is multi-use images. The primary thing we need to do is create striking images. Each of these will be on social media, so we need to create interest. With these incredible homes, that made my job easy.

To really show off the pool construction, we decided to shoot everything in the evening. That is harder, but it yields incredible images. Striking images. The images this client needs. And with winter approaching, we had to work fast… many consecutive evening shoots in a row. But we got what was needed.


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