Rentals 360 Tour

Project Info

  • Photography Date

    August 2020

  • Category

    360, Commercial

  • Client

    Ryan Landis

  • Location

    Sandy Utah

More and more companies are looking to 360 tour to sell and promote their properties and their products. Realtors have long used 3D tours like Matterport for residential property tours (and yes, we do those!). But commercial needs are much different. You may need the tour long-term on your website… something Matterport is not ideal for. Or you may need to show off a product in detail to your clients half a world away. Or you may want to take a 3D video tour around your office. We can do (and have done) all of these and more.

For us, the most important part is to listen to what you need to accomplish. When it comes to 3D 360 tours, one size does NOT fit all. And we have a variety of different approaches to make this happen for you.

Different Types of 360 Tour

In this case, we had a property owner who rents apartments in this home (which is also a state historical site). He wanted a walk around the entire property, so he could use it whenever any of the apartments were available. he needed to host it himself, rather than host on Matterport. He also did not need super high quality, but just to get a feeling for the property.

So this is the tour we made for him. It was reasonable in cost, small for quick loading, and was a tour he now owns, and can use when he needs to.

Ready to get started?

So are we! If you need a 360 Tour, or any other commercial photography, just e-mail us for more information and a free quote.

If you need to show off your products, your company, your new project or your new addition, we are ready to help you get great images! Drop us a line and let us know what you need!


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