University of Utah Hospital Displays

Project Info

  • Photography Date

    March 2020

  • Category

    Architecture, Commercial, Interior, Product

  • Client

    Loop Screen

  • Location

    University of Utah Hospital

The focus of this assignment was the University of Utah Hospital Displays. Client Loop Screen builds and distributes the displays, and needed images of their work in use at the University of Utah Hospital, and at the clinic in Sugarhouse.

Obviously, part of the directive included not showing recognizable patients for privacy reasons. We also wanted to show the client’s displays in the best light possible. We made the screens the primary focus of the images, or the part of the image that draws the eye first.

University of Utah Hospital Displays

To further our photographic goals, and to have as little impact on the University of Utah Hospital normal business, we shot this on a Saturday. We requested and received permission from the University of Utah, so all work was done with the knowledge and permission of the University. We perused permission and releases from all people in the images.

Because the website is still being build, we did not have exact lists of images needed. We shout a variety of images for the client Loop Screen. We shot the images in both horizontal and vertical orientations, for a variety of uses. Screens- the focus of all this!- are shot tight and wide, to emphasize both the product itself and the environments in which they are used.

If you need images of your project, product or work-site, please let us know. We can shoot the images, or manage the whole project. From hiring models to securing permission, this is what we do. We want to make getting the images you need for your next project the easiest part of that project for you. Let us know what you need, what you want and what you wish you had. We will make it a reality of you. Contact us today to begin a review of your project.