Viking Farmer Products

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  • Photography Date

    April 2020

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  • Client

    Viking Farmer

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    Studio B

When we got the call from Lyle to shoot some Viking Farmer products for Amazon, I knew we were in for an interesting shoot. Shooting products for inclusion in the Amazon Marketplace is nothing new for us, but shooting alfalfa is. I love shooting new, different and challenging items, and this sure turned into one of those shoots.

First, I have to say meeting Lyle was just great. He was fun and funny, a very interesting person. As I said, his alfalfa pellets were not like anything I had ever shot before. Lyle had very firm ideas on what he wanted, which made my job a lot easier. As you can see, he wanted a good close up of the pellets, showing their rich, deep green color.

To contrast that, he also wanted a comparison image, showing his pellets versus standard, pet store-bought pellets. This immediately made the size and quality of Viking Farmer shine. A great example of when a picture truly is worth a thousand words. His product is high quality, but when you see it, you can almost smell the fresh ingredients. You know this will be healthy for your pets.

Other Viking Farmer Products

Other products included a specially made, resealable box they use for shipping flakes of alfalfa. He did not bring a bale of hay- the alfalfa in the second box is photo-shopped in (but is his actual product).

The bag shot was a lot of work, too. His bags were made, but had not yet been printed. So we inserted the logo on the bag in Photoshop.

We turned this project around in 2 days, and got Lyle and the Viking Farmer Products on to Amazon as quickly as possible. Lyle was seeing a big growth in impressions on Amazon at the time, and we were able to get him online and selling so he could take advantage of the growth. Again, I cannot stress how great it was to work with someone with an unusual project, and with a firm grasp of what he wanted. I am so glad we were able to help Lyle take advantage of the business situation he was in.