Outdoor Living Photography

Pool Construction

More and more, outdoor living spaces, high-end landscaping and spa and pool construction are becoming more important to Utahns. And FORM Pools and Spas is positioned as a leader in this area of construction, and they take pride in their work. I was called in to help show off their incredible work, and I could not be happier.

They approach each job with a top-to-bottom methodology. The not only put in top-on-the-line pools and spas, but they landscape, add lighting, work on paths and do so much more to make the outdoor spaces not just usable, but a place you really want to spend time. Their work, in a word, is breathtaking. And that is what I am here to show off.

Pool Construction

Our goal here is multi-use images. The primary thing we need to do is create striking images. Each of these will be on social media, so we need to create interest. With these incredible homes, that made my job easy.

To really show off the pool construction, we decided to shoot everything in the evening. That is harder, but it yields incredible images. Striking images. The images this client needs. And with winter approaching, we had to work fast… many consecutive evening shoots in a row. But we got what was needed.


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    Avenues Apartment Construction

    Avenues Apartment Construction

    For these images of apartment construction in the Salt Lake Avenues, we needed to document the refurbishment of an existing property. This apartment building had been competely gutted then updated and renovated.

    We had to provide images while contruction was going on, so when the proeprty was finisghed, ads would be ready to go.

    We worked with the owners and the conmtractor so we could have finished areas within the ongoing work project. A staging company provided the furnishings for the shoot day.

    Concerns during Apartment Construction

    Our main concern during Apartment Construction is to not interfere with thew ongoing work. We must also get access to a part of the prooperty that is finished, or nearly finished, so none of the apartment construction is shown. Some of this is based on creative camera angles, and some is based on working with the contruction crews- some rooms are always ahead of others, and can make good models.

    We can work with you to get stagers to bring in furnishings in a style you want… or shoot empty rooms and stage virtually. In this project, we used actual furnishings.

    Aviation Imagery

    Gulfstream Jet Photography

    This was a wonderful assignment to just go wild on. My client, Duncan Aviation, designed and executed a complicated paint job for their client on this Gulfstream G-550. Both groups wanted Jet Photography to show off the work. The jet was literally a day out of the paint shop, and I had all the resources I needed to realize any picture on the tarmac I wanted to go after.

    This corporate jet is a Gulfstream G-550. Over 600 G-550s built by General Dynamics’ Gulfstream Aerospace unit in Savannah, Georgia. Eventually this aircraft saw replacement by the Gulfstream G600 in October of 2019. The G550 remained kept in limited production for long-term special missions applications and government orders.

    Goals of the Jet Photography

    My instructions were to show off the paint. Specifically the wonderful paint blending on both the tail, and the way the paints blend around the cockpit. I also shot a variety of full views of the jet for a variety of angles to document the plane as a whole, something we do in all our Airplane Photography in Utah

    As a favor to the client, I also shot a portrait of the paint lead who pulled off this amazing feat of aircraft painting standing in front of his work. I wanted something strong and striking, and I think the portrait worked quite well showing off the man and his work.

    The final part of this assignment was a series of tight shots of the jet aircraft. We wanted abstract, arty sorts of shots that just looked cool, but did not necessarily show off anything specific. The angles and the curves of the jet all made for interesting crops and images.

    All tolled in this project, I delivered 60 final images to the client. The Gulfstream Jet Photography was delivered within a week of the original shoot, and clients were very happy with the results.

    Industrial Product Photography

    Industrial Products

    This Industrial Products shoot featured a fully working install of an air filtration system for industrial construction by US Air Filtration Inc. The brief included getting all angles available, as well as drone images of units in situ. Images for use in promotional materials, web imaging and print materials.

    Install was at Lifetime Products in the Freeport Center. The center is a manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution center located in Clearfield, Utah. It was originally built in 1942 as the Clearfield Naval Supply Depot, which was decommissioned in 1962. The 680-acre center consists of 78 buildings, totaling more than 7,000,000 square feet.

    Commercial Aviation Photography

    Aviation Photography

    Aviation photography for a recently refitted Cessna Citation II shot at the FBO in Provo (PVU). These images are shot for Duncan Aviation, FBO at Provo Municipal Airport. These images show the interior in as close to accurate color as possible. Also we set our schedule so we would be shooting the exteriors at sunset for maximum impact. This was an aircraft being sold, so our brief was all about making it look as good as possible to attract buyers.

    Photography for aircraft is fairly hard, and a time-consuming process. Because private aircraft can be small, we find the setting of lights and tripods difficult. Therefore, each set up for a different picture of the aircraft takes substantially longer than for buildings or architectural photography.

    Aviation Photography

    The Cessna Citation II series of Citation jets are light corporate jets built by Cessna. First announced in September 1976, the aircraft is based on a stretched Citation I. The plane made its first flight on January 31, 1977. Improvements over the Citation I include increasing seating capacity to 10. Also, big increases are made to the overall baggage capacity. Wingspan has been increased, and this aircraft featured a larger fuel capacity than it’s predecessor. the Citation II features more powerful Pratt & Whitney engines gave this bird a higher cruise speed and longer range.

    This eight Passenger mid-cabin floor plan consisting of four place club. Two forward aft facing chair, two aft forward facing chairs and an aft belted lav. Seats are finished with black leather. The wood trim, and the appointments in the lav and the galley are a medium gloss burl.

    The aviation photography for this aircraft was shot over the afternoon, with exterior photography at dusk.

    Our Experience with Airplane Photography

    Whether you want to get aviation photography to show off your latest acquisition or you need airplane photography to sell a aircraft, let us know. We have shot in B-17’s, KC-135’s and even the Blue Angels, and we know how to fit in tight spaces. We know what images you need, and more importantly, we know how to get them. So the next time you need images of your aircraft or Aviation Photography, just let us know!

    MODA Apartments

    MODA Apartments

    Shoot for a series of multi-family units in and around Salt Lake City. Involved interiors, exteriors, aerials, and virtual staging of property.

    Cubes Storage Cottonwood Heights

    Storage Storage

    Images of the various Cubes locations in the Salt Lake valley were needed for a website rebuild and marketing blitz. This was the Cottonwood Heights location, which included interiors, exteriors, aerials and twilights.

    One of the objects was to show off the interesting and unique building style, with the colorful interior doors to the units.

    North Temple Flats

    North Temple Flats

    This project was a complete build called North Temple Flats. This was the final build.

    Cooling Units

    Cooling Units

    The client needed images of their newest, biggest cooling units in action. This necessitated aerials as well as still images. Alta Refrigeration units were installed in place at Americold Logistics in Clearfield, Utah.

    The Ridge

    Midvale Multi-Family Property

    Large Multi-Family Property, newly build, that needed promotional images, as well as images for their website.