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Commercial 3D Scans

Commercial 3D Scans

Elevate your commercial space into the digital realm with our state-of-the-art 3D Scanning services. Utilizing the latest Matterport 3D technology, we cater to an array of commercial needs, offering clients and prospective customers a virtual walkthrough experience that transcends geographical boundaries. This immersive tool has revolutionized remote touring, which we’ve proudly provided for prestigious local hotels such as the Hotel Monaco, Waldorf Astoria, and Montage Deer Valley.

Commercial 3D Matterport ToursOne aspect we emphasize in our service is the meticulous detail in our scans. Our portfolio reflects a commitment to density and clarity in every project. Despite the Matterport Pro 3’s ability to space scans further apart, we opt for a tighter 3-4 foot range, ensuring superior resolution and quality. This attention to detail may take more time, but the exceptional results speak for themselves. We understand the effort that goes into preparing a room for scanning, and we respect its value by getting it right the first time—every time.

What Makes Our 3D Tours Better

Our 3D tours are not just about navigation; they’re interactive showcases that can highlight details within the space. Imagine offering a museum tour where visitors can learn about artifacts and exhibits right from their screens, or a hotel tour where every amenity is explored in vivid detail.

We’ve recently transitioned to the cutting-edge Matterport 3 Pro cameras, setting us apart as the sole commercial photography service in the region leveraging this advanced tech. The benefits are clear: ultra-high-resolution imagery, authentic color capture, and the unprecedented ability to integrate outdoor areas into your tours.

Commercial Photography at the Delta Center
Commercial Photography at the Delta Center
Our portfolio of unique spaces is diverse, with the Delta Center being a highlight. Tasked with scanning the entire suite-level, clubs, and exclusive restaurants, we delivered a comprehensive digital representation of this iconic venue.

The applications extend into the construction industry, where our scans offer invaluable insights. Contractors and owners can virtually navigate through the infrastructure of a building pre-drywall, pinpointing the exact placement of electrical and plumbing systems.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your online presence with a virtual property tour, need detailed architectural point-cloud data for renovations, or require a precise record of a construction site, our 3D scanning services are tailored to meet your needs. We harness the power of Matterport, iGuide, and nodal photography to provide a spectrum of 3D tour solutions, ensuring your property is showcased in its best light.

Invite the world inside your commercial space with our 3D scanning— where every dimension matters.

3D Tours

For landlords, realtors, property managers, and developers, creating a detailed, 3D virtual tour and giving your guests the ability to virtually walk through your property. High quality images are one thing- the ability to walk through a space is an entirely different experience for your clients. 3D Tours immerse your clients in your property, making them come alive and imposing no limits to what your clients can do and see on your property.

With a virtual 3D scan, Real Estate agents and brokers have a great new tool- an always-open house which is perfectly staged 100% of the time. The technology is modern, up-to-date, and says you know what you are doing. 3D Tours can help drive greater interest in a property and better qualify leads who come to subsequent open houses. Please feel free top drop us a line to learn more.

There is no one in Utah who does higher quality 3d Scans than us. Many “scanners” will run through too quickly, or use inferior cameras. Not us- we use Matterport cameras, which are state-of-the-art. They take longer than the other guys, but provide superior results.

Point Cloud Scans

Point Cloud Scans are another new and revolutionary use of three-D scans. When you take a 3d laser scan, the laser scanner records a huge number of data points returned from the surfaces in the area you are scanning. These include objects like doors, windows, walls, MEP equipment, ductwork and steel structures, to name a few. A point cloud is just a compilation of these points, registered and turned into a 3D space.

But I don’t need to tell you this…. if you are looking for a Point Cloud Scans, you know what it is. You just need someone who can do one. Yes…. we can.