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Product Photography

With so many choices available to shoppers on the Interwebs, sometimes the purchasers decision about what to buy literally comes down to who has the clearest and sharpest product photography. As a business professional, you are probably already aware that high quality product photography increases click-through rates, skyrockets conversions and improves brand image. It also increases the trust factor for your website; clear, bright and unambiguous images let customers see and understand exactly what they are buying up front, which only makes you look more trustworthy too.

If you have other vendors or contractors involved in your project, we can help you bring down your total expenditure with our cost-sharing program. This can help make quality photography much more affordable by spreading fixed expenses across 2, 3 or more participants.

If you want your customers remember your products, put great photos in front of them. From small items to large, we can shoot your products at your shop or our studio. Our product photography process takes about a week or less to complete. This time-frame includes receiving your products, photographing your items and uploading your photos to our photo hosting site- so a week from start to finish.You have some options. You can use your iPhone, the new ones actually have a pretty good camera. That might be OK for eBay but is that good enough for you? The component that is going to make the biggest difference in your product image photography is really the lighting. That, and the image editing. Put all this together, add in your time and energy, and you can take some great product images too. Or just call us and we can handle all the shooting, lighting and editing for you.

Amazon Product Photography

We get called on the most to shoot images for Amazon shops. So, yes, we do that! You can see from the samples, we shoot limbo images on pure white backgrounds. We can shoot multiple angles, multiple sizes, whatever your product needs to shine on the Amazon Marketplace.

eCommerce Product Photography

Other eCommerce systems need photos shot to different specifications. We can supply your products presented over transparent backgrounds (png format). We shoot jewelry, clothing, cosmetics, pet food- whatever you sell and need images of!

Great Images of your Product

Photography is one of the most important investments you can make in your business & will return dividends over the lifetime of your listings. Make your products stand out above the rest on websites, brochures and other marketing materials with professionally shot photography. We can make your images pop, just give us a note to get things started!