Furniture Photography

Furniture Photography

Doing furniture photography is some of the biggest product photography we do. Well, outside of buildings and aircraft, I guess. These were shot at the manufacturer’s location. They have a good area for us to shoot, and we bring in backing panels so we can get clean pulls of the furniture.

Goals for the Furniture Photography

the first major objective here is to introduce no distortion. Lines need to be straight, and we don’t want any curves from wide angle lenses. So we set up fairly far back from these pieces to eliminate distortion. True color is also very important, so we chip chart each image to perfectly match each color.

With this job, sinmce the images would not only be used for the client’s website, but also for their customers websites, too, we had to not just shoot on white, but also trim each image over transparent backgrounds for inclusion in other set ups.


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    Viking Farmer Products

    Viking Farmer Products

    When we got the call from Lyle to shoot some Viking Farmer products for Amazon, I knew we were in for an interesting shoot. Shooting products for inclusion in the Amazon Marketplace is nothing new for us, but shooting alfalfa is. I love shooting new, different and challenging items, and this sure turned into one of those shoots.

    First, I have to say meeting Lyle was just great. He was fun and funny, a very interesting person. As I said, his alfalfa pellets were not like anything I had ever shot before. Lyle had very firm ideas on what he wanted, which made my job a lot easier. As you can see, he wanted a good close up of the pellets, showing their rich, deep green color.

    To contrast that, he also wanted a comparison image, showing his pellets versus standard, pet store-bought pellets. This immediately made the size and quality of Viking Farmer shine. A great example of when a picture truly is worth a thousand words. His product is high quality, but when you see it, you can almost smell the fresh ingredients. You know this will be healthy for your pets.

    Other Viking Farmer Products

    Other products included a specially made, resealable box they use for shipping flakes of alfalfa. He did not bring a bale of hay- the alfalfa in the second box is photo-shopped in (but is his actual product).

    The bag shot was a lot of work, too. His bags were made, but had not yet been printed. So we inserted the logo on the bag in Photoshop.

    We turned this project around in 2 days, and got Lyle and the Viking Farmer Products on to Amazon as quickly as possible. Lyle was seeing a big growth in impressions on Amazon at the time, and we were able to get him online and selling so he could take advantage of the growth. Again, I cannot stress how great it was to work with someone with an unusual project, and with a firm grasp of what he wanted. I am so glad we were able to help Lyle take advantage of the business situation he was in.

    University of Utah Hospital Displays

    University of Utah Hospital Displays

    The focus of this assignment was the University of Utah Hospital Displays. Client Loop Screen builds and distributes the displays, and needed images of their work in use at the University of Utah Hospital, and at the clinic in Sugarhouse.

    Obviously, part of the directive included not showing recognizable patients for privacy reasons. We also wanted to show the client’s displays in the best light possible. We made the screens the primary focus of the images, or the part of the image that draws the eye first.

    University of Utah Hospital Displays

    To further our photographic goals, and to have as little impact on the University of Utah Hospital normal business, we shot this on a Saturday. We requested and received permission from the University of Utah, so all work was done with the knowledge and permission of the University. We perused permission and releases from all people in the images.

    Because the website is still being build, we did not have exact lists of images needed. We shout a variety of images for the client Loop Screen. We shot the images in both horizontal and vertical orientations, for a variety of uses. Screens- the focus of all this!- are shot tight and wide, to emphasize both the product itself and the environments in which they are used.

    If you need images of your project, product or work-site, please let us know. We can shoot the images, or manage the whole project. From hiring models to securing permission, this is what we do. We want to make getting the images you need for your next project the easiest part of that project for you. Let us know what you need, what you want and what you wish you had. We will make it a reality of you. Contact us today to begin a review of your project.

    New Product Photography

    For the third year, we were asked to shoot the Harry Potter Christmas in the Wizarding World for Warner Bros.

    The main goal of this is to feature this year’s new items in product photography. Images will be use in social media across Warner Bros social sites.

    Our secondary goal was top show engaged clients.

    Illumin8 Skin Care

    Website Images

    Brief was to create a variety of images for the website of a new company that specializes in skin care. We took this to shoot a variety of things, including store space, location exteriors, employee head shots, wide (not specific) product shots, and demo shots of each of their treatments.

    Models were used for images featuring laser treatment, botox, and all the other assorted treatments.

    Actual employees were used performing the treatments.

    Industrial Product Photography

    Industrial Products

    This Industrial Products shoot featured a fully working install of an air filtration system for industrial construction by US Air Filtration Inc. The brief included getting all angles available, as well as drone images of units in situ. Images for use in promotional materials, web imaging and print materials.

    Install was at Lifetime Products in the Freeport Center. The center is a manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution center located in Clearfield, Utah. It was originally built in 1942 as the Clearfield Naval Supply Depot, which was decommissioned in 1962. The 680-acre center consists of 78 buildings, totaling more than 7,000,000 square feet.

    Glass Staircases - University of Utah

    Glass Staircases – U of U

    Images of new glass staircases installed at the Crockett Science Center building at the University of Utah. Shot for the staircase manufacturer, Glass Flooring Systems. Brief included shooting the staircase in situ, and close ups of hardware and examples of fine work on the project.