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Why do you need high quality Airplane Photography? Let's say you have a plane to sell. Sure, you can go inside and shoot it with your iPhone. It may even look ok, but it will also look like most of the other planes you see on Controller or Trade-A-Plane. Is that good enough for you? If you felt that way, I doubt you would be looking on this page.

Possibly you rent or lease out aircraft. Whether you are adding new planes to your fleet, have updated aircraft or just want better pictures, we are here to help you.

Would you hire someone without a license to fly your plane? No, you want someone with the training and the experience to be able to handle most situations. Use the same thinking for your aircraft photographs- it should be someone who has been there before. We are Utah's most experienced aircraft photographer. We can take care of those problem interiors, even if the plane is only 4'7" across. Because we have.... many times. To properly shoot an aircraft, you need lights, tripods and other associated gear. Do you have all of those, plus a good camera, and maybe even a remote trigger? You will waste a lot of time gaining the experience to make good images inside an aircraft, trust me on that!

What sort of images will we provide for you? Each shoot is different because each aircraft is different, your requirements are different for your Airplane Photography. The owner of a war bird is going to want drastically different images than the owner of a Westwing. We will work with you to realize the best images for your project, in the safest manner possible.

Experienced Aircraft Photography

First we need to start with your needs- do you need ground or air photography? On the ground is good to go. Photography would just take a few hours to a full day depending on your needs and the size of the aircraft. If you want twilight images, we would have to plan around that. What if your only availability is midnight, we can shoot that to- we are here to serve you! Because we know going in what we have to do, we can use your time more efficiently to make images.

Air photography is a bit more complicated, and will take a lot more advance planning. I am a licensed drone pilot. And I have also hung out of helicopters and small aircraft more times than I can count. Would you believe I have even taken the door off a DC-3 and shot from there. It is just a matter of getting our air platform scheduled, and making sure we can accomplish your goals in a safe manner.

Just as important is what we do after the shoot. Look at our images from any other shoots- something like Architectural Photography or Lifestyle Photography. Does that fit with your expectations of finished images? We spend more than double the time of a shoot in editing. That is what really makes out images shine.

We know and work with many professionals in related fields, and can bring their expertise to your shoot. From make-up and hair to helicopter pilots, plants to painters, artists to zoologists, we can bring in the right people to make your shoot accurate, beautiful and complete.
Our team is all about creating what you need, solving tough logistical complications on your time frame. Some people have forgotten who the client is- not us! You need something shot at midnight on a Sunday (for whatever reason!), we'll be there for you- whatever it takes to make the images YOU want!
You need to tell your story in your way, not have a photographer come in and rewrite everything you have built to date. We will meet with you and listen to what you need, and then create that.... not something we want to build.


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Whether you have a plane to sell, a fleet to lease or just want to show off yuour latest warbird, we can get you the best images you have ever seen. We are ready today to take off on your project- just let us know what you want!  

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