Commercial Property Photography

With many years experience in both the Commercial Property Photography and property industries- and decades of previous experience shooting news and Hollywood films- we like to think that there’s not a lot we are not prepared to help our clients with. We’ve been employed and trusted by some of the largest companies, Realtors and management agencies in Utah and across the US to return high-quality images on time and on budget. And they keep coming back for more. Why? Because we are passionate about delivering the best images and the highest quality service possible.

What can we shoot for you? Obviously, we start with pictures. Interiors, exteriors, whatever you need. We can step that up with aerial images of your commercial property if you need. Drone images are great for showing the layout of your building or property.

Or panoramas. Depending on your needs and project, we can shoot gigapixel images of highly-detailed images.

Previously considered for only the biggest budgets and most prestigious properties, video presentations have become a practical and affordable option for everyone. We can add aerials and combine all you need into an affordable package for every need.

Our highest quality commercial property photography package is our architectural photography service is ideal for marketing, and is also a popular choice for publicity, publicity and company annual reports. These special pictures can take hours for us just to get one image… but they look great and make you look incredible!

How We Got Here

We have shot images for annual reports, stock holder meetings, magazine covers, billboards and much more. I have been honored as the Best of State nature photographer, among the many other awards I have won. Our images are well-known for their incredible detail, and your attention to composition and color. Turn us lose on your project and just see what we can do for you!

You are a professional; you need to present a professional image. iPhone images just don't cut it- not on your website, not in your brochures, and certainly not in your social media. Your customers hire you for your professionalism; hire a photographer for their professionalism.
Our team is all about creating what you need, on your time frame. Some people have forgotten who the client is- not us! You need something shot at midnight on a Sunday? We'll be there for you- whatever it takes to make the images YOU want!
Have an ongoing project? We can help- short term or long term.

Architectural Photography

Commercial Property Photography

Commercial Property Photography

Night Commercial Photography

Commercial Property Photography

Commercial Property Photography

Let Us Create What You Need!

You picture it and we will make it a reality for you. We work with one-person operations to companies with dozens in their marketing department. Let's get started- tell us what you meed!


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